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Introduction to cloud physics. Cloud atlases and cloud classification. Phenomenology.

Thermodynamics of clouds. Elements of deep convection.

Cloud optics - what can we learn about cloud microphysics from rainbows and halos?

Clouds and their interaction with solar and infrared radiation. Heating rates. Two stream approximation.

Stratocumuls maintenance; 1D well mixed models of Lilly and Schubert type; balance between radiation, turbulence and subsidence.

Light scattering by cloud droplets and ice crystals. Mie theory; scattering efficiencies, phase function. The discrete dipole approximation.

Cloud observations - remote sensing and in situ obseravtions of clouds. Ceilometer, whole sky camera, passive and remote sensing.

Droplet Growth Theory: Theory for diffusional growth; growth of a droplet population; evaporation of large drops accounting for ventilation; collision-coalescence growth; stochastic processes; fall mode of large drops; microphysical structure of warm clouds; theories of broadening of cloud droplet spectra by turbulence, inhomogeneous mixing, and ultragiant hygroscopic aerosols.

Cloud microphysics parameterizations in mesoscale weather models and global circulation models.

Remote sensing of clouds.

Clouds and climate.


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