Session 4

Lectures 10,11,12. April 24, 2009.

Lecture 10. W. R. Cotton lecture 9-10.30am

SPECIAL CASPO SEMINAR - 9 a.m., 330 Spiess Hall, Prof. William Cotton,
Colorado State university, will present a lecture entitled "Aerosol
Influences on Convective Clouds and Storms." The seminar is sponsored by
CASPO. (Art Miller, ude.dscu|rellimja#ude.dscu|rellimja, x48033)

Lecture 11 (Cotton)

/files/Cotton Aerosol influences on cu and Cbs.ppt
10-10.30am History of cloud microphysics parameterizations

Lecture 12. Warm clouds (Flatau)

/files/acp-9-2335-2009.pdf Grabowski and Wang, 2009, Diffusional and accretional growth of water drops in a rising adiabatic parcel: effects of the turbulent collision kernel, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 9, 2335-2353, 2009.

Powerpoint presentation


Due. April 30, 2009. Thursday.

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