Session 2

Lectures 4,5,6. April 10, 2009.

Lecture 4. Chapter 1 of Cotton - Cb, supercell, multicell, MCS, MCC

Discussion of cloud physics books
Discussion of frontal systems cloudiness

Front related lightning
Animations based on work of Steven Businger (ude.iiawah|regnisub#ude.iiawah|regnisub)
Lightning in Pacific frontal system
/files/N Pac

Lecture 5. Deep convection. Invited speaker Jim Means - Cb clouds


Convective condensation level (CCL) and convective temperature (CT)
Lifted condensation level (LCL)
Level of free convection (LFC)
Convective inhibition (CIN) as negative energy area
Convective available potential energy (CAPE) as positive energy area
Equilibrium level (EL) as anvil height
Downdraft cape (DCAPE)
Formulas for updraft velocity, downdraft velocity and hail size from CAPE
Stability parameters
Loaded gun sounding (Miller Type I)
Inverted-V sounding (Miller Type IV)
Tropical sounding (Miller Type II)
Cold core low sounding (Miller Type III)
Thunderstorm types - single cell, multicell, supercell.
Conversion of horizontal vorticity to vertical vorticity
Storm splitting

Lecture 6 Severe convection. Jim Means

Introduction to storm chasing with multiple chase photos

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