Radiative transfer in clouds

Radiative transfer - introduction to Monte Carlo techniques

Monte-Carlo papers and reports

Excellent introduction is this report "Introduction to Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer", Leathers, Downes, Davies, Mobley /files/Ocean-optics_RT.pdf
Two codes contained in this report:
/files/ez_monte.m Estimate path length
/file/iso_monte.m Isotropic scattering

Complementary report with more detailed history of the topic:
J. T. O. Kirk, Monte Carlo modelling of radiative transfer in the ocean, Ocean Optics XVII conference in Fremantle, Western Australia, October 2004. The complete set of course notes, including Monte Carlo codes (Fortran), together with the accompanying set of Powerpoint slides may be accessed here
Local copy of J.T.O. Kirk's course notes /files/monte_carlo_kirk.pdf

Directional cosines (scattering with respect to original photon direction)

Leubner, C., 1977, Coordinate-free rotation operator, Am. J. Phys. 47, 727-729.

2 stream radiative transfer in clouds

C. F. Bohren, Multiple scattering of light and some of its observable consequences
American Journal of Physics, June 1987, Volume 55, Issue 6, pp. 524-533.

Meador and Weaver 2 stream approximation



Cox lecture notes
Heating rates

Online radiative transfer codes

Column Radiation Model

COART Coupled Ocean-Atmos RT Model

Langley Fu & Liou On-Line Radiation Transfer



David R. Brooks
Bringing the Sun Down to Earth: Designing Inexpensive Instruments for Monitoring the Atmosphere
Springer, 2008
ISBN 978-1-4020-8693-9


A First Course in Atmospheric Radiation. By Grant William Petty. Edition: illustrated. Published by Sundog Pub., 2004. ISBN 0972903305, 9780972903301. 445 pages.

Fundamentals of atmospheric radiation: an introduction with 400 problems. By Craig F. Bohren, Eugene Edmund Clothiaux. Edition: illustrated. Published by Wiley-VCH, 2006. ISBN 3527405038, 9783527405039. 472 pages



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