Due May 28, 2009.

Problem 1
(a) Read chapter 8 of G. Petty and derive 8.15
(b) Convert 8.15 to equivalent equation but for emissivity (assume
that a+t=1)
(c) Calculate upward flux at 800mb and 900mb for emissivity e=1 - exp(-u)
(hint: http://clouds.wikidot.com/local--files/files/cox_emissivity.doc)

Problem 2
Discuss how figure 7.10 can be used to estimate temperature of
different layers in the atmosphere from satellite measurements.

Problem 3
Read Chapter 7 of G. Petty
Discuss applications of Langley plot (Fig. 7.9) to estimate solar
constant and for calibration of sunphotometers.

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