Due May 14, 2009.

1) We discussed cirrus microphysics. See
But you should also read
(page 27-33) and pages (39-40)

a. Why is the standard diagram (page 18) possibly incorrect (page 19, 20)? b. Is there well defined temperature dependence of ice crystal sizes and (page 27, 28)? c. What are the reasons that ice crystal concentration is not well defined (page 29, Cotton section, Cotton Figure 2.11)? d. In what temperatures all supercooled droplets are converted to ice by homogeneous nucleation (page 33)? E. How IN are different from CCN (page 37)? What is -45C water anomaly (page 39-41)? F. Describe 4 major heterogeneous ice nucleation mechnisms (page 43, 44)? G. What is Bergeron-Findaisen process (pages 47). What were the comments by Benjamin Franklin related to rain? (Cotton, p. 39) are they related to triple processes?

2) We discussed ice crystal sizing.
a. What is the range of particles sizing by the PMS 2D-C (pages 7,8,9,10)? B. What is the range of particle sizing of the FSSP - type instruments (pages 5,6) ? c. Why FSSP is not measuring ice crystal sizes properly? D. What makes the CVI technique (pages 11-15) different from the FSSP and PMS2D-C. E. What is the main difference between the PMS2D-C and cloud particle imager (pages 26,27,28)? F. What is polar nephelometer (page 34)?
G. Look at page 9 of
could you download this code to Windows computer
and create such plot yourself?

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