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Class notes and powerpoint files

File Content Author
clouds_importance.ppt Introduction to cloud physics powerpoint presentation P. J. Flatau
chapter1_cloudsoverview.pdf Colorado State University, AT620 lecture notes William Cotton
clouds_chapter1cotton.ppt Clouds - introduction Flatau/Cotton
Class_Notes3microphysics.ppt Cloud microphyscs Cotton
Severe_convective_storms.ppt Convective clouds Jim Means
N Pac Lightning and extratropical frontal systems Steve Businger
homework1_answers.doc Introduction clouds P. J. Flatau
clouds_scattering.ppt light scattering G. Petty/P. Flatau
draine_flatau94a.pdf DDA paper Draine/Flatau
acp-9-2335-2009.pdf Diffusional and accretional growth of water drops Grabowski/Wang
grabowski.ppt Diffusional and accretional growth of water drops Flatau/Grabowski
chapter6_warm.ppt Warm spectra Flatau/Grabowski
chapter6_warmclouds.pdf Notes chapert 6 Cotton
chapter7_dropletgrowth.pdf Class presentation Cotton
homework_micro.doc Cloud microphysics I Homework assigment Flatau
microphysics.pdf RAMS microphysics Flatau et al
ice_vs_water.pdf Single scatter ice vs water G. L. Stephens
homework_scattering.pdf Homework light scattering Flatau
once_in_a_blue_moon.pdf Once in a blue moon (book chapter) C. Bohren
hocking1958_phdpart2.pdf L. M. Hocking, 1958, Ph. D. (part II) L. M. Hocking
lilly_notes1.pdf Lilly Sc 1968 paper (notes 1) W. Schubert
lilly_notes2.pdf Lilly Sc 1968 paper (notes2 by B. Rauber) W. Schubert
efficiencies_flatau.pdf Fortran code to calculate collision efficiencies P. J. Flatau
rams_micro_flatau.pdf RAMS microphysics AT621 (1982) class paper P. J. Flatau
coagulation_grant.pdf AT621 (1982) L. Grant class/coagulation L. Grant (B. Rauber)
condensation_grant.pdf AT621 (1982) L. Grant class/condensation L. Grant (B. Rauber)
cirrus1_sio209_microphysics.pdf Cirrus clouds microphysics J. Heintzenrberg, J. Kristjansson
cirrus2_sio209_sizing.pdf Cirrus clouds measurements J. Heintzenrberg, J. Kristjansson
cirrus3_sio209_rad.pdf Cirrus clouds radiation J. Heintzenrberg, J. Kristjansson, P. J. Flatau
Ocean-optics_RT.pdf Introduction to Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer Leathers, Downes, Davies, Mobley
ez_monte.m Matlab code from "Introduction to Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer" Leathers, Downes, Davies, Mobley, path length
iso_monte.m Matlab code from "Introduction to Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer" , isotropic reflection Leathers, Downes, Davies, Mobley
monte_carlo_kirk.pdf Monte Carlo modelling of radiative transfer in the ocean (course notes), Ocean Optics XVII conference in Fremantle, Western Australia, October 2004 John T.O. Kirk
bohren87_2stream.pdf Two stream approximation C. F. Bohren
leubner79_rotations.pdf Coordinate free rotations C. Leubner
monte_carlo.ppt Radiative transfer Monte Carlo P. J. Flatau
chylek95.pdf Reflectance P. Chylek
mims2.pdf Microtops F. Mims
meador80.pdf Two-stream approximation Meador and Weaver
problem2stream.pdf Problem two-stream approximation P. J. Flatau
cox_emissivity.doc Emissivity problem (based on S. Cox notes) S. Cox
2stream.ppt 2 stream approximation to RT P. J. Flatau
stephens2005a.pdf Clouds Climate Feedback J. Climate 2005 G. L. Stephens
rce_feedback.ppt Radiative Convective Equilibrium Feedbacks P. J. Flatau
formation_feedback.ppt Cloud Formation Feedbacks P. J. Flatau
tau_feedback.ppt Optical Dept Feedbacks P. J. Flatau

General files

File Content Author
howard_useless_pursuit.pdf The Invention of Clouds: How an Amateur Meteorologist Forged the Language of the Skies. By Richard Hamblyn. Luke Howard
BettsThermo Thermodynamic subroutines in Fortran Alan Betts and Bill Ridgway
thermos.f Thermodynamic subroutines in Fortran P. J. Flatau
mthermo.f90 Algorithms for generating a skew-t, log p diagram and computing selected meteorological quantities G. S. Stipanuk
120140.pdf AMS Conference Gregory Byrd, Alan Bol and Arlene Laing
aws-tr79-006.pdf The Use of the Skew T log p diagram in analysis and forecasting US Goverment
WH_skew_t-in_p_chart.pdf Skew-T diagram US Goverment Internet link Les Cowley and Michael Schroeder Internet link Les Cowley and Michael Schroeder
STRATUS.EXE Stratus. An interactive mixed layer model. T. A. Guinn and W. H. Schubert
STRATUS.FOR Stratus. An interactive mixed layer model. T. A. Guinn and W. H. Schubert
STRATUS.TEX Stratus. An interactive mixed layer model. T. A. Guinn and W. H. Schubert
stratus.pdf Stratus. An interactive mixed layer model. T. A. Guinn and W. H. Schubert
TM-277.pdf Forecaster's Handbook for Extreme Southwestern California Internet access US Goverment
thermo_johnson.pdf Short intro to thermodynamics AT540 class. Johnson
storm_cross_section.pdf Storm cross section AT540 class. Johnson
clouds_class2009a Cloud Physics Class 2009 picture P. J. Flatau


Article Title Authors
Lilly_QuartJRoyMeteorSoc_1968.pdf Sc paper by Lilly LIlly
Schubert_JAS_1976.pdf Experiments with Lilly' cloud-topped mixed layer model. J. Atmos. Sci., 33, 436-446 W. Schubert
Schubert-Wakefield-Steiner-Cox_JAS_1979_2.pdf Marine stratocumulus convection, Part II: Horizontally inhomogeneou solutions. J. Atmos. Sci., 36, 1308-1324 Schubert Wakefiled Steiner Cox
Schubert-Wakefield-Steiner-Cox_JAS_1979.pdf Marine stratocumulus convection, Part I: Governing equations an horizontally homogeneous solutions. J. Atmos. Sci., 36, 1286-1307 Schubert Wakefiled Steiner Cox
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