Cloud physics codes

One dimensional condensation-cogulation cloud model

We used 1D code developed by Grabowski and Wang. Relevant paper is
/files/acp-9-2335-2009.pdf Grabowski and Wang, 2009, Diffusional and accretional growth of water drops in a rising adiabatic parcel: effects of the turbulent collision kernel, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 9, 2335-2353, 2009.

Stratocumulus - numerical code with Windows interface

/files/STRATUS.FOR code to forecast stratocumulus height and other properties based on Guinn, Schubert code
/files/stratus.pdf (TeX version of the documentation: /files/STRATUS.TEX)
/files/STRATUS.EXE Windows executables

Collision Efficiencies

/files/efficiencies_flatau.pdf Program based on Hocking's (and others) hydrodynamic forces

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