SIO209 - Topics in Cloud Physics

SIO 209, Special Topics/ Topics in Cloud Physics
Spring 2009
Section 658372
9 - 11:50 a.m.
Spiess 330
SIO 209 is offered for 4 units. It is offered for both letter grade and/or S/U. I will be available for consultations between 12-3pm on Fridays.

There will be 3 hours of classes in each session with short student seminars and discussion. Course grading: Your course grade will be based on an essay/homework assignments and a seminar (30minutes). Essays may be written for Wikipedia. The grades and course load will be adjusted to your experience (because we may have both undergraduate and graduate students and oceanography/atmospheric sciences students). No prerequisites.

Instructor Piotr J. Flatau

Useless pursuit of shadows. Luke Howard, 1802.


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